Founded by Darryl Austin, Ausmosis Boardcraft became the first and only Canadian designed & Canadian made surfboard and SUP brand.  With his lifetime spent in the water for fun and in competition D-man brought his passions and his skills to his home town.  The Ausmosis board brand with Master shapers “Erie Peeple” and “Tom Millar” focus on performance surf and SUP designs for both fresh water and for salt water.


The lake community of St. Catherines known as Port Dalhousie is where Ausmosis set the base of their shop and manufacturing warehouse.  Ausmosis SUP | Surf | Apparel is a retail outlet to allow lake surfers and SUP community easy access to affordable water sport gear which is often only available online or in the southern states.  Ausmosis works hard with the big surf and skate brands to get our customers the best in the industry!


Ausmosis boards are the only Canadian designed and manufactured SUP and Surfboard brand.  With surfing the lakes in mind Ausmosis has a multi level shaping, glassing and designing warehouse where they build their board shapes as well as custom boards for the pro level surfers.  The goal is to give the lake surfers and paddlers a professional quality option in the country without having to settle for low end vacuum sealed boards or having to order from the states.  Our team love what they do and are amazing at it!

Ausmosis also ships to the states. We make boards for salt water too and have a great following with clients as far south as Florida and as far west as LA!  If you’re in Ontario and you SUP or you surf the lakes come visit us at our shop, We love to meet and share stories with like minded people. IF you’re in the states or further away feel free to call us any time. Our online store ships and our team is on the road all the time. We might be in your area!