D-Man (Darryl Austin)

Being the son of a master merchant mariner Darryl learned to respect the water from a very young age. With that respect bossed his appetite to becoming a well rounded waterman. His family and him spent a alot of time in the ocean and lakes allowing him to perfect windsurfering in the 80’s surfing and skim boarding in the 90’s and SUP in the 2000.’s. D-Mans passion has lead to him competing in any SUP surf event and paddle board race that he can find. It is a life path he will never give up. What brings the most joy to Darryl is watching his sons follow in the same passion he grew up with.

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Tom Millar

Growing up Tom could never get out of the water He was a competitive swimmer from age 10 to 18. His parents had a house in Florida and would go there all the time so it is no surprise that he took an early interest in surfing at the age of 12.

In 2015 Tom started taking his passion a bit more seriously when he began SUP racing.  He won the Mens Open 18-49 overall in the OSSS (Ontario Summer Splash Series.) He places 6th in the firsts Ontario Sprint  races. Tom is always pushing himself to limits and the Ausmosis team always sees him pushing his limits in SUP racing and SUP surfing.

Tom has always had a general knowledge of Surfboard design and repair but in 2016 Tom began aggressively shadowing Ausmosis master shaper Erie Peeples. The Ausmosis team is stoked to have someone so dedicated in the sport and SUP community!

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Steve Haining

A former national swimmer Steve was only introduced to surfing in 2013 when he met Malibu surf pro Jon LaLanne while working as a DOP on a reality show in Jamaica.  As a commercial photographer Haining worked for a lot of brands but Jon gave him his first opportunity to work with surf brands.  Since then Steve has worked with many surf brands such as Vulcan Surfboards, Wikked Surfboards, LaLa Boards, Chick Sticks even Ausmosis! The rest is history he brings a surfboard along with his camera gear everywhere he goes and he heads to Hawaii in the winter to surf with Jon every year.

Haining is on the board of directors for the North American Surfing Doctors Association (NASDA) helping people with mental health issues and PTSD through surf therapy.  He also actively works with Amigo Skate a charity that brings footwear and board equipment to the youth of Cuba and Haiti

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